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Time Punch Contact Tracing

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    Time Punch Contact Tracing

    Hi Team,

    I have an output (attached) which shows the time punches of fictional employees.
    In column J through L, there are a times/dates which are identified as compromised for one reason or another.

    I want to identify and filter to ONLY the times and dates for employees in columns A through E that overlap with the ones in J through L.

    I have tried everything and the only ways I have found are incredibly manual.

    Does anyone have a way to do this quickly and/or efficiently?
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    Re: Time Punch Contact Tracing

    Perhaps the following will help:
    1. Combine start date and time (column F) using: =IF(E2="","",SUM(C2:D2))
    2. Combine end date and time (column G) using: =IF(E2="","",IF(INT(E2)=0,SUM(C2,E2),E2))
    Note that similar formulas are used in columns M:N
    3. Populate a 'filter column' (column H) using: =SUMPRODUCT(((M$1:M$6<=F2)*(N$1:N$6>=F2))+((M$1:M$6<=G2)*(N$1:N$6>=G2)))
    To see the employees that have start or end date/times that overlap the compromised date/times deselect the zeros and blanks in the filter of cell H1.
    Note that I removed the merged cells and filled in the blanks in column A so that the employee name would be visible when the filter is applied.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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