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Create array that skips cells

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    Create array that skips cells


    In column P I have a formula that finds the lowest price in columns G,K and M. This formula neglects values if they are 0.

    In column O i am trying to say who has the lowest price which is the headers of columns G K and M.(Tom, Frank and Tate)
    My current formula in O309 is: =IFS(MATCH(P309,G309:M309,0)=1, "Tom", MATCH(P309,G309:M309,0)=5, "Frank", MATCH(P309,G309:M309,0)=7, "Tate")
    the issue is that the array is finding a $0.03 in column I and reporting the match number as 3.
    Is there a way I can tell excel to not accept this value and keep going?

    Is there a better method to do this? I cannot rearrange the column orders either.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Create array that skips cells

    Post a sample workbook. See the yellow banner.
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    Re: Create array that skips cells

    Maybe you try changing the MATCH(P309,G309:M309,0) argument into this:

    That will require your formula to be array entered. Once you're done typing the modification above, but still editing the formula, don't just hit Enter. Instead, press and hold Ctrl and Shift keys, then hit Enter.

    Good luck!

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