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how to get all merged cells at a time

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    how to get all merged cells at a time

    Is it possible to get all merged cells by some kind of filter in excel.
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    Re: how to get all merged cells at a time

    What do you mean how to "get" them? You mean find them?

    Microsoft support for finding all merged cells

    Click Home > Find & Select > Find.

    Click Options > Format.

    Find dialog box
    Click Alignment > Merge cells > OK.

    Check the Merge box
    Click Find All to see a list of all merged cells in your worksheet.

    By the way, merging cells is almost always a bad idea. If you want to unmerge all the merged cells you can just select the sheet and if Merge & Center is shaded, click it to unmerge all merged cells. You don't have to identify which ones they are.

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