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Locking Cells to avoid Filter in a Table

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    Locking Cells to avoid Filter in a Table

    I have a table that lists information about other college MBA programs for the purpose of comparing to my MBA program. The list includes many programs, so I'm using a table that can be filtered by state, price, concentration, etc., but I want to lock the first row of the table, my program, so it shows up on any filter. Right now, if I filter by California, for example, my program in Oregon will disappear. Freezing the top row with my program doesn't work. Is there a way to make sure the table row including my program will show up in every filtration, even if the filter doesn't apply to the data in my program?


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    Re: Locking Cells to avoid Filter in a Table

    Hi - can you post a small sample?

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    Re: Locking Cells to avoid Filter in a Table

    Not sure about advanced filters in later versions, but you could always do this with a bit of VBA and a filter button something like this...
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