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Excel troubleshooting! Ctrl + Arrow (Not Scroll lock)!

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    Excel troubleshooting! Ctrl + Arrow (Not Scroll lock)!

    Hello. I have an issue with my 2011 excel. Whenever i press: "Ctrl" and "Page up" my cursor in excel wont move. I also have the problem that when I press "Ctrl" and "Right arrow" my cursor moves from to the cell on the most right of my zoomed interface (e.g. A1 -> AA1 or so) instead of the end of the work sheet (on an empty worksheet). I have tried to google similar troubleshoots, but always find myself reading about scroll lock, which I dont have enabled. Help is much appreciated!

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    Re: Excel troubleshooting! Ctrl + Arrow (Not Scroll lock)!

    Sounds like a Mac problem. I use a PC. Is it possible your [Ctrl] key has been remapped somehow? I know it's possible in Linux to remap shift keys fairly easily, and macOS is closer to Linux than to Windows. If it were Linux, I'd open a terminal and use xev to check the scan codes for particular keystrokes. I don't know whether xev is bundled with macOS, but there may be a similar tool.

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