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Remove Items from Pivot Table Filters or Remove Items from Slicers

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    Remove Items from Pivot Table Filters or Remove Items from Slicers

    Hi guys,

    I have a pivot table that draws data from a column dynamically. I say dynamically because all the data that is drawn is being constantly updated by some formulas. The problem is when I draw data from these columns pivot table counts the empty cells (with formula but with use of a in function they are blank) as data. Hence I get a blank item on my slicers which I could not figure out how to remove. Please note that the blank item I get on the slicers are not the kind that can be removed from slicer settings.

    I am afraid I cannot upload the whole workbook as it is too large and since all sheets are linked to each other by formulas and VBA I cannot simplify it for a sample workbook.

    I hope I was able to explain my issue clearly.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Remove Items from Pivot Table Filters or Remove Items from Slicers

    So, a simple solution would be to use a Dynamic Named Range as Pivot Source

    If we assume a setup where Data is in Cols A:? and headers are in row 1...

    Name: =_PTData
    RefersTo: =$A$1:INDEX($A:$IV,MATCH(9.99E+307,$A:$A),MATCH(REPT("Z",255),$1:$1))

    Then set the Pivot source range to be _PTData

    The key to the above approach, given your use of Null strings in precedent range, is picking a column for the first match that is always populated (if row valid) and which contains numerics

    If you don't have any columns that adhere to this rule you can either:

    a) modify the MATCH to find last non-null (a bit more expensive, computationally)
    b) modify your precedent formulae to return 0 rather than null string, (use custom formatting to mask the 0), and change first MATCH from 9.99E+307 to REPT("Z",255)

    Another more general option is to use a Table however, I've assumed you cannot do that here as you need to dynamically expand row via formulae as opposed to physical inserts

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