Sorry - some troubles with my first post... Hope this is not a duplication

I have some PowerPoint files on a sharepoint. I copied one slide to excel: "paste special", "paste link", "microsoft powerpoint dia"
This is working fine, and changes in the powerpoint are reflected in my excel.

next, I save my excel file, close the file and reopen my workbook.
The links are not working anymore.
What happened?
- the original link =PowerPoint.Slide.12|'// - December 2020/ABC.pptx'!292'
- is changed into =PowerPoint.Slide.12|'// Documents/202012 - December 2020/ABC.pptx'!'!292'
(in the original link, blanks were replaced with '%20', after saving the file the link is showing blanks... and is not working anymore)
Manual changing the link was helpful, but not easy (many blanks, I cannot change the sharepoint address to a simple address without blanks)
I tried to write a macro for adjusting the link, but till now without success.

When I make links to files on my desktop, everything is going fine. Problem is related to the blanks in the address of the sharepoint file
Any idea what is the best way to make links to powerpoint slides on this sharepoint?