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I need to add more columns on the Listbox

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    Wink I need to add more columns on the Listbox

    I need to add more columns in the filter box, now it gives an error to populate from the database. Now it is from (0-11), i need 17 columns. Please assist.

    Dim sh As Worksheet
    Set sh = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Data")

    Dim row_number As Long
    Dim max_id As Long
    max_id = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(sh.Range("A:A"))

    If Me.txt_id.Value = "" Then ''' Insert
    row_number = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(sh.Range("A:A")) + 1
    sh.Range("A" & row_number).Value = max_id + 1
    Else '''' Update
    row_number = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Int(Me.txt_id.Value), sh.Range("A:A"), 0)
    End If

    sh.Range("B" & row_number).Value = Me.txt_desc.Value
    sh.Range("C" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_Room.Value
    sh.Range("D" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_Ltype.Value
    sh.Range("E" & row_number).Value = Me.txt_Open_Date.Value
    sh.Range("F" & row_number).Value = Me.txt_openT.Value
    sh.Range("G" & row_number).Value = Me.txt_Close_Date.Value
    sh.Range("H" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_staff.Value
    sh.Range("I" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_Department.Value
    sh.Range("J" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_Status.Value
    sh.Range("K" & row_number).Value = Me.txt_Comments.Value
    sh.Range("L" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_inforstaff.Value
    sh.Range("M" & row_number).Value = Me.txtName.Value
    sh.Range("M" & row_number).Value = Me.txtName.Value
    sh.Range("N" & row_number).Value = Me.cmb_nation.Value
    sh.Range("O" & row_number).Value = Now

    Call Reset_Form

    MsgBox "Log is Updated", vbInformation

    Call Refresh_Listbox

    End Sub

    Private Sub ListBox1_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

    'to populate listbox from Database sheet

    Me.txt_id.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 0)

    Me.txt_desc.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 1)
    Me.cmb_Room.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 2)
    Me.cmb_Ltype.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 3)

    Me.txt_Open_Date.Value = Format(Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 4), "D-MMM-YYYY")
    Me.txt_openT.Value = Format(Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 5), "HH:MM")
    If Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 6) <> "" Then
    Me.txt_Close_Date.Value = Format(Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 6), "D-MMM-YYYY")
    End If

    Me.cmb_staff.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 7)
    Me.cmb_Department.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 8)
    Me.cmb_Status.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 9)
    Me.txt_Comments.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 10)
    Me.cmb_inforstaff.Value = Me.ListBox1.List(Me.ListBox1.ListIndex, 11)

    End Sub

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    Re: I need to add more columns on the Listbox

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