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Complete newbie that doesnt know what category this problem should be in, very sorry

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    Complete newbie that doesnt know what category this problem should be in, very sorry

    Hey people, so I have 3 excel sheets, one has the product details, second has the order details, and the last the total profits details.
    In the product details sheet, there's the pricing for each product with different IDs called SKU , and so I would like to insert the
    pricing of each product into the order sheet according to the product ID, the product ID will already be in the order sheet, then
    I would like to multiply the cost of each product in the order by its quantity which will already be given in the excel sheet
    and create a new column in total cost for the product but there's
    too many of the orders and products and manually inserting by myself is really physically taxing is there any function or any way in
    Excel to make my work easier?

    Also, after inserting the costs into the order sheet, I would like to compile the total costs for each order and then insert the total costs
    into the total profits sheet according to the order ID of course, after that there will be a total release amount column to subtract the total
    cost and create a new column called total profits for each order so again is there any other way of making this work easier?

    I have learnt Python programming albeit not at industry level yet so if there is no function in excel that can help me with this,
    are there any other ways I can explore using Python programming on Excel?

    Below are the excel sheets I mentioned

    Help would be very much appreciated as you saved my sanity
    Thank you
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    Re: Complete newbie that doesnt know what category this problem should be in, very sorry

    Hi there.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. An Excel sheet is worth 1,000 non-editable pictures.

    Please read the yellow banner about sample worksheets, at the top of the screen. Act on its guidelines and post a SMALL sample sheet.

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