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Recon balance and separating of data that balances to zero

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    Recon balance and separating of data that balances to zero

    My most current task is going through the tax recons I'm in charge of and finding the entries that balance. And biggest road block is currently running into the possibilty that the descriptions/ explanations might not match 100%, there are lots of the same descriptions with no differentiating factors like (1,2,3 ...etc) or 1 dr/cr could have multiple offsetting entries to balance. Currently what I have to done is used the unique formula for the amount's column, and then used =if(countif($M6:M$77,M6)=2,"x","") to find the matching unique. And the used the filter formula to pull all my matching to a separate part of worksheet. But this only gives the obvious matches.
    I have not experience with queries, basic knowledge of pivot tables, and I have little experience with formulas, as my last position we did everything manually (not an ounce of excel formula usage or anything fancy).
    This recon is one where I pull 10-100 accounts from E1 and put that table into a formula (array?) my boss put together that will separate all the accounts with activity and give me a variance based on the what are in the individual account tabs verses what I just inputted in the the formula. And then I have to go and collect the individual account entry detail to balance the tabs to that give me account varriance. And it's this last part I want to have something put together that can pull the matches to make sure they are balancing to "0" whether its 2=0 or 10= 0.
    I have 20+ tabs I will need to repeat this on.
    And if a VBA or Macro is my only solution, I need very detailed instructions on how to set these up. I've never set one up ever. I'm a novice.
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    Re: Pointers in the right direction please

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