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Cell Number formatting

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    Cell Number formatting

    Hi all,

    I would like to introduce a custom format to a range of cells in my work sheet. Basically, I want users to enter a part number as opposed to an item description, so effectively forcing users to enter a part number only. However, I am struggling with using the 'custom' number format option to obtain what I want in terms of number formatting. The problem I have is that my part numbers contain Text and Numbers which can can change, for example, I want to enter a part number in the following format: NPLA-14N276-AA all of the characters in this part number can change but the format will remain the same so for example the next part number may be: MPLA-14290-YA

    Is it possible to restrict cells to the number format i require and if possible can the cell be restricted to only accept this format?

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    Re: Cell Number formatting

    have you thought of data validation
    If the - is always the 5th character and the 2nd - is always 3rd from last - ie always 2 characters at end
    assuming entry is C1

    as a data validation format

    Also its useful to have a spreadsheet sample with data layout and expected results - see yellow banner at top of thread
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