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Two Excel Programmes Driven by Different Logic

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    Two Excel Programmes Driven by Different Logic

    Hope you can help, though I am sure you can and apologies if this has been addressed in the past.

    I have two Excel spreadsheets populated with data from Primavera P6, ordinarily the fabricators would apply the same logic throughout so you can track activities by ID however by design or for another reason the progress programmes do not align. Activities have been jumbled, split up and I have no way of cross referencing the activities - bad practice!

    I'm trying to reconcile the planned with the as-built but in order to do so I need to populate the as-built with the planned. I have extracted the Primavera data into two spreadsheets, added a column where I have manually ran through the as-built allocating it to a line reference from the planned programme. I would need to extract the earliest date and the latest date from a range of associated activities.
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