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Corrupted File Recovery & Repair

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    Corrupted File Recovery & Repair


    I have a problem with my Excel file. I cannot open it saying there is an unreadable content. It just happened suddenly. I have tried open and repair feature of excel and other youtube tutorial. Is there any way that my data can be retrieved. it is very important. Thank you

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    Re: Corrupted File Recovery & Repair

    While this may seem counterintuitive, try opening the file with LibreOffice Calc. There's a portable version of LibreOffice available here.

    I've had more than a few times when LibreOffice Calc could open .XLS? files which Excel refused to open.

    If you can open the workbook in LibreOffice Calc, save it under a different filename, then try to open that workbook in Excel. If Excel still complains, switch back to LibreOffice Calc, remove some inconsequential bits like embedded images, save using yet another filename, try to open that in Excel. Keep iterating through this process, removing things from the workbook until Excel can open the resulting workbook. No way around the fact that this is a trial-and-error process.

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