I'm part of a team providing IT support with a database we created. We designed a system where the sheet is protected with password A but the users need to be able to sort the columns so we used the Edit Ranges function and gave that password B. We then have Macro code that basicaly resets the Protection password after an user event. So three times in the last few weeks a particular user is coming to me saying the Edit Range password, password B, is not working. I go into the Edit Range option and check the ranges, all good, no extra rows or columns that would cause it to break. I've had problems in the past with range fragmentation, but i'm pretty sure this shouldn't matter and at any rate on the 3rd time its happened there was no fragmentation. After a few tests I realised that the Edit Range password havd actually been changed to password A.

There is no way the user could have done this change, they dont know password A and its only known to us. The only thing that i'm suspicious of is the Macro as this is applying password A to the activesheet, but not the edit range. So i'm stumped as to why it's happening. THis databae is being used in 16 sites and this is only really happening to this one user, which make me think its user error. But what could they be doing to make this happen?

Any help or advice woudl be greatly received!