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SUM based on multiple tables criterias

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    Question SUM based on multiple tables criterias


    Looking for help. I'm trying to build a Skill Team capacity Planning. Principle is the following:

    I have a first table called Skill Groups, composed of people where each people is marked or not by a "x" for a skill Group.
    I have a second table call People Planning where every people available time is entered for each day

    From that, I want to generate a third table where I can automatically get the sum of available time for each skill group and days.
    In my attached example I can do that using SUMIF function but it is not smart enough. I want something really dynamic. I believe it is a matter of SUMIF+INDEX+MATCHbut can't figure out the right formula.

    Any help greatly appreciate
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    Re: Another SUMIF, INDEX, MATCH challenge

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