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Issue of Filter to a column having a formula & ability to insert row with formula

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    Issue of Filter to a column having a formula & ability to insert row with formula

    Hi Experts,

    I am in need of help with the following, I have attached a sample excel sheet.

    1. I have a protected excel sheet shared over SharePoint. I have a column with dragged columns to 2000 rows.

    Insert issue:
    When the users are inserting the row, they are missing the formula and also are not able to insert rows copied with existing rows (as excel is password protected)
    Please may I know the options I have, I do VBA which copies formula in the inserted rows but the excel tracker is .xlsx not .xlsm
    Is this something we can do on using SharePoint features?

    2. I have attached the sample excel, when I filter on the excel with formulas dragged to Nth row, the filter on any column is hiding all the rows with formula, Is there a way you can help me advise how to avoid this.
    The problem is users are filtering and using the rows beyond the formula as formula rows are hidden. :-( Now I am planning to lock all the cells below the formula but users have to filter to see the previous data. Any suggestions or solution is appreciated.

    Environment: Excel over Sharepoint & password protected

    Your help is appreciated.
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