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Simplifying a project tracker

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    Simplifying a project tracker

    We use excel to track the recurring work we have to do for clients. Generally, we assign a staff member to a particular function of a client and have to type in the staff member's name for each occurrence through 12/31. Is there a way to make it so if I change the staff member in one cell, it would change all of them? We use a shared workbook, so I can't use any macros. This is more to satisfy my curiosity than anything. I have already spent quite some time tinkering. I know I could use an if statement, but we have 12 staff members and roughly 60 recurring client projects, so the if(a1="x", "y".....) would be inconvenient. As an example, Cell A5=Walmart, Cell D5=Bob. This is repeated 52 times through the year, if I change cell D5 to "Jane", I want all the cells below it to change to "Jane" as well, but without affecting D1 through D4. This is normally something you would have to code, but I want to see if anyone knows of any cool functions or features that could get the job done. If not, that's fine too.

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    Re: Simplifying a project tracker

    Hi ryuzukai and welcome to the forum,

    If you wanted to change all "John" to "Jane" then using the Search and Replace dialog would be my first choice. If you only wanted to change some of them, I think you'd need to do them manually.
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    Re: Simplifying a project tracker

    not sure if you're aware of this shortcut but if you typed John into the cell at the top row then double click on the bottom right of that cell, it should fill in every cell of that column with John

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