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Lotto bingo chcker for 100 people

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    Lotto bingo chcker for 100 people

    Could anyone give me some advice on how to set up a lotto checker. We do a lotto bingo in work excluding the bonus ball. 100 people playing and takes ages to check. With it being a bingo it can go on for many weeks until it is won. Thank you
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    Re: Lotto bingo chcker for 100 people

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    Re: Lotto bingo chcker for 100 people

    I have a solution sample , should work with excel 2003 , as only uses countif() and conditional formatting , 2 rules

    I may be possible to do this with a sumproduct to see if the person range exist in the lotto results

    how it works

    In column A is the name of the person
    In column B to F is the Bingo card for each person, I dont know how many numbers will be on a card - so this range would be extended to however many numbers you want on a bingo card

    Then the Lotto - 6 numbers are entered in the range M to R (this will change if bingo card extended)

    Now we need to check if the Bingo Card List , exists in any of the Lotto results range
    Person 1 , bingo card = B2:F2 do ALL those number exist in the results range M2:R100 , row may need to be extended in lotto Results , not sure how many weeks it runs for
    Maybe able to use some sort of sumproduct - but havent worked that out

    So i added a Sheet 2 , which will mirror the Bingo card entries
    On this sheet we test the corresponding cell in sheet 1 and see if that value exists

    Sheet 2 B2 = =IF(COUNTIF(Sheet1!$M$2:$R$100,Sheet1!B2)>0,1,0)
    if B2 exista in the lotto results then a 1 is produced
    We get a matrix of where numbers match

    Now we can use this in Sheet 1 column I - to Call Bingo using a SUM()

    for Bingo - there needs to be a 1 in all the bingo card cells for that person.

    Conditional Formatting

    2 rules ,
    1 rule for yellow (could be any colour) for where a number in the bingo card matches the results.
    The AND(B2<>"" stops Blanks matches

    1 rule for RED (could be any colour) where a complete ROW in the bingo card matches the results.

    hope that gets you started
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    Re: Lotto bingo chcker for 100 people

    Give the attached a trial.
    Put the draw numbers in range ("J2:O2").
    Press the check button.
    The numbers drawn will show in column "H"
    The names of those drawing (six, five, etc.,...) will show on sheet 2.
    No guarantees give as not fully tested.
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