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How to find error percentage between two data of different lengths?

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    Question How to find error percentage between two data of different lengths?

    So I have 2 sets of data, one is around 8700 values and the other is around 5100 values. Both of them are from different experimental setups, so no formulas are used. I need to find the error between those data. I have made the graphs and everything and I need to find the exact value of maximum error in the trend. The graphs do follow a trend but the error reduces eventually. I need the exact point of error. The data is currently in MS Excel. Is there any way it can be done?

    To explain it further, the x-axis contains time and the y-axis contains the observed data. I need the time at which the maximum error occurs and the value of that error.

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    Re: How to find error percentage between two data of different lengths?

    I cannot think of a single step command for this. You have not explained the overall process or algorithm you want to use. I would expect something like this:

    1) Some kind of lookup or interpolation or regression algorithm to allow you to get or calculate y at any x for each data set.
    2) From there, choose an error calculation, and come up with a formula to calculate error at a given x.
    3) From there, find an algorithm for finding the maximum error and program that into the spreadsheet.

    If you can help us understand how you want to do each step, we should be able to help program those calculations into the spreadsheet.
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