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Errors with text in a power query

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    Errors with text in a power query

    Hello and thank you for reading.

    I'm working on a master rollup assignment for a construction company. The goal is to have individual workbooks for specific jobs that feed into a master rollup for various items like change orders.

    I'm encountering an issue in power query where a column with text from certain workbooks throws the error

    "DataFormat.Error: We couldn't convert to Number. Details: Supply Access Control Items (Keypads And Handicap Push Buttons)"

    with "supply Access...." being the data I am trying to get into the rollup.

    I converted the data type to text in the query and I still get the error about converting to a number. I have experimented with changing the actual data from the individual job sheet with no success. Any thoughts on a path forward would be much appreciated.
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