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Cell Formatting keeps disappearing

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    Cell Formatting keeps disappearing

    I will format a column using the header so the whole column is formatted. I choose the header of a column and while it is active I right click in the active column that is grey. I then choose format column.
    I'm either making the column currency, number or percent. I then always center by using by using the align tabs in the top tool bar.

    I check and everything is just the way I want it. Then later on or next day. All my changes are gone currency turns to numbers and aligned to the right. This just started happening recently. Any tips on what I'm doing wrong or why a succesful format comes un done?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Cell Formatting keeps disappearing

    Re: ``currency turns to numbers and aligned to the right``

    Assuming default horizontal formatting, data that is right-aligned is usually text, even if it might look like numbers to you.

    Confirm with formulas of the form =ISTEXT(A1) or =ISNUMBER(A1).

    Looks can be deceiving; and the format of the cell does not matter.

    Re: ``currency turns to numbers and aligned to the right``

    My guess: you save the Excel file "as CSV", then reopen it later.

    A CSV file is not really an Excel file, even though Windows shows an Excel icon for the file. That merely means that Excel is the default application to open the file.

    A CSV file is simply a text file of a certain form. A text file has no formatting information.

    When Excel opens the text file, it interprets the (usually) comma-separated data in the same manner as if we had entered it manually.

    If Excel cannot interpret "numeric" text as a number, it enters the data as text.

    For example, if your system uses comma for the "decimal separator" (radix point) and period for the thousands separated, but you format the cells with the reverse appearance, then save as CSV and reopen the file, Excel might not be able to interpret the data as numeric, or it might misinterpret some data.

    The best remedy might be: save as a truly Excel file ("xls", "xlsx" or "xlsm"), not as CSV.
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