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Pivot Table - Conditional formatting Question

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    Pivot Table - Conditional formatting Question


    This is my first post here, please excuse if I'm missing a few information

    I have created a Pivot Table and want to format the sum of a margin with an icon based on another margin.
    So if margin B is between -5 and 5% of margin A, I get a green icon, between -5% and -10% and 5% and 10% yellow and above +-10%, I get a red icon.

    In the attached file, in the first row you see a "sum of budget IGM" of 29,9%. The "Sum of current IGM" is 39,6%. I would like create an icon in the "sum of current IGM" column that sets a color based on the rules above. Since the 39,6% are outside the (26,91%;32,98%) interval (+-10% of 29,9%), I want a red icon to appear.


    Is this possible without creating another column with the difference between the two margins?
    Unfortunately, I am not sure, how to format these cells accordingly, could anyone help me out?

    I hope this is clear!

    Excited for the responses, thank you very much in advance for your help!

    Best regards,


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    Re: Pivot Table - Conditional formatting Question

    Welcome to the forum, Julius! Please attach your Excel workbook.

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