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Extracting Values of Constant Number of Rows from Countinuous Data

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    Extracting Values of Constant Number of Rows from Countinuous Data


    I have lots of data that continuously gathered from an experiment. There are 3 columns that represent strength of a material and there are lots of values of that column which exactly 10200 rows.

    • Column 1, is cycle values that ranges from 0.01 to 1 which total of 100 cycles. Every complete cycle (ie. 0.01-1, 1.01-2, 2.01-3 etc.) respresents a complete loop and can be visualized by putting Column 2 and 3 into a graph. There are total of 102 complete cycles.
    • Column 2, Materials strength
    • Column 3, Deformation

    1. I need to find the slope of every single complete cycle but the overwhelming number of continuous data makes this calculation a bit tricky.
    2. Also similarly from the slope calculation, I need to find the sum of the Column 3 (ie. Deformation) values from every single complete cycle.
    3. Finally, I need to find the area of the inside of each loop, but this is not as important as first two calculations.

    At first, I thought that if I extract 102 complete cycles to excel sheets from that continuous data, then I can calculate what I want from them but thinking straightforward like that surely will cost a lot of time.
    For the sake of ease of viewing, I added slope and sum calculations from first three complete cycle.

    I will be so appreciated if you have any interesing ideas to untangle this mess.
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    Re: Extracting Values of Constant Number of Rows from Countinuous Data

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