Hi all, I recently switched from Mac to PC and am having issues with a few basic functions (I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019):

1. I would like for currently active workbooks to re-open after rebooting my computer. For example, if I currently have three files titled X, Y, Z open, then I want those three files to pop back up when I open Excel for the first time after a reboot. I know there is a way to add specific files to a startup directory but the problem with that approach is that it's not dynamic (i.e. I do not want to re-open the same three files every single day...I want the system to be smart enough to re-open whichever files were currently open at the time I rebooted my system).

2. I don't see any sort of visual indication for whether or not a file has been saved. For example, on my old Mac when I was working in a file there would be an icon in the top right corner that would change color if the workbook had not been currently saved. This was useful because it would stop me from trying to close a file that had unsaved changes...(I know that Excel will give you a pop-up warning asking if you truly want to close a file if it has unsaved changes...but I still want some sort of visual indicator so I don't need to rely on this pop-up warning.)

3. I wrote a simple macro and saved it in my "Personal Macro Workbook" but it appears that my personal macro workbook is not automatically opening when I open Excel...how do I fix this?