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Timesheet Attendance Checker

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    Timesheet Attendance Checker

    Hi All
    I work in mining where most staff are paid on a day rate, i.e. paid only when on site.
    I'm looking at creating a check with our travel data and comparing to hours from our payroll system to ensure that there are no hours being paid for staff that are offsite.
    I'm a little stuck how to create this, wondering if anyone out there has a solution and can help.

    Attached sample.
    There are two tabs, the travel/attendance records and the hours data from the payroll system.
    Hoping that someone has a solution for me.
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    Re: Timesheet Attendance Checker

    So are you saying that you need to cross reference between the two sheets to ensure that if someone is shown on the Attendance sheet as something other than Worked then there are no hours recorded on Time Sheet data for the equivalent day?


    Lisa shows as R&R for 05/09/22 so you need to check no hours exist for her on that day?
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