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Help with making a simple graph!

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    Help with making a simple graph!

    Hi, I am very new to using excel. I would like to make a bar graph comparing three variables, A, B and C, each of which has multiple values of length (e.g. we've sampled people at age 20, 21 and 22 and recorded the average length they can jump). How do I create a graph that shows the average and standard deviation of each group?

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    Re: Help with making a simple graph!

    Hi there.

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. An Excel sheet is worth 1,000 non-editable pictures.

    Please read the yellow banner about sample worksheets, at the top of the screen. Act on its guidelines and post a SMALL sample sheet complete raw data laid out as it is in your real data.

    None of us get paid for helping you... we do this for fun. So DON'T FORGET to say "Thank You" to all who have freely given some of their time to help YOU.

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    Re: Help with making a simple graph!

    For someone "very new to using Excel," I would probably start with a basic tutorial on creating a column chart in Excel like this one: https://www.excel-easy.com/examples/column-chart.html

    Of particular note, observe how they arrange the data in the spreadsheet. Then maybe spend some time with the other tutorials in the chart chapter (in particular, the error bar chapter might be interesting as a way to show standard deviations on a chart) to learn more about creating charts in Excel.

    Will that be enough to get you started? What questions do you have after working through some of the tutorials?
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