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How to make chart dynamic based on table of data?

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    How to make chart dynamic based on table of data?

    I want to have a drop down menu with stuff like "View Last Year," "View Last 6 Months" and then filter by each respective category. But I have no idea how to make a chart that dynamic. I've thought about using =filter() or a pivot table, but just wanted some feedback from you guys.

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    Re: How to make chart dynamic based on table of data?

    First of all welcome to the forum mattmalan6.

    Secondly Is your forum profile showing the Excel PRODUCT that you need this request to work with? "Windows 11" is not one of them.

    The best solutions often rely on knowing WHICH Office PRODUCT (Excel, NOT Windows) that you have. Please check that your forum profile is up-to-date. If you aren't sure, in Excel go to File/Account and report what it says below the MS logo at the top of that page. If your version is for Mac, please also state this.

    The three most recent Excel PRODUCTS are Excel 2019, Excel 2021 and MS365 - if you are using MS365, please give this name along with the Version number in your profile (e.g. MS365 (PC) Version 2211). The version number is in the About Excel section further down the Account page.

    Thirdly please upload an Excel workbook. Pictures cannot be edited and a workbook saves us volunteers from having to retype data you clearly already have. Instructions are in the 'gold' banner at the top of each page.

    Thank you in advance.
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