I have a .xls file that presents a graph from an external .csv file. I have
it set to refresh the external data automatically on reopening the .xls file.
It works fine for the most part but Excel gives me two warnings everytime I
use the file that annoy me:

1. Upon opening the .xls file, Excel gives me a warning about how automatic
refreshes can be malicious and forces me to select whether to enable them or

2. Upon exiting, Excel prompts me with a save dialog. It is true that the
data changes (I have it set to clear the external data on close so the .xls
file takes up less space) but I have the graph setup just how I want it so I
honestly don't need Excel to ask me if I want to save it with the new numbers
from the csv each time. Is there a way to disable this? Or perhaps, to have
the graph's source come directly from the .csv file so its all relative?