i am building a multiple page invoice template, and would
welcome any advice to overall strategy in order to
accomplish this.

so far i have built 8 header rows which are repeated on
every page. also i have a built a core table within excel,
which takes various input and outputs a single figure. it
seems i can have two or three of these tables on every page.

also i need some calculation at the end of every page. the
first calculation is sum of page, the second (for page 2
and onwards) is sum previous page, and third overall sum.

as this is to be a template it should take minimum input
from end user concerning formatting, moving of tables etc.
however this need to be defined in some way, as the length
of actual invoices may vary from 1 to 6-7 pages ( 1- 20
tables ).

does anyone have a strategy advice as to the most efficient
way to retrive info from user on number of tables needed,
how to link these to the three sums mentiones above, and
how to present it visually ?