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    I have created a 6 month project scheduler in which I can enter the number of budgeted hours and deduct the hours spent and it divides the remaining hours among the remaining weeks until the project is due.
    The way this is organized is that I have a display where the column heading is the first day of the week and the cells under that date tell me how many hours are budgeted for one project. Each row under that shows hours for other projects.
    At the bottom, I have a sum that tells me how many hours I will need to budget for all my projects. When I apply conditioal formatting, I get colored bars that help make the chart graphical and easy to read. The same is repeaed for every column to the right starting with the first day of the following week at the top.
    This works beatifully except for one thing. The schedule assumes that all my projects begin today.
    what I want to do is to be able to show a project starting say 2 weeks from now.
    How/ can I do this?

    Maybe an example would help

    Cell M1 is date 3/1, Cell N1: 3/8, Cell O1: 3/15, Cell P1: 3/21 and Cell Q1: 3/28. These represent the first days of the week.
    Project A will last 2 weeks and begin close to 3/8 and last 2 weeks.
    I have budgeted 80 hours for the project, so I would expect to see under the week of 3/8: 40 hours and the week of 3/15: 40 hours. Week 3/21 would revert back to 0.
    Other projects are indicated the same way.
    Is this possible?
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