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Visible cell characters

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    Visible cell characters

    Can I increase the # of characters that are visible in a cell?

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    Gord Dibben

    Re: Visible cell characters


    Excel Help on "limits" or "specifications" reveals that Excel will allow
    32,767 characters to be entered in a cell.

    However, it goes on to state that "only 1024 characters will be visible or can
    be printed"

    To work around this limitation, stick a few ALT + ENTERs in at appropriate

    The ALT + ENTER forces a line-feed and expands the 1024 limit.

    How far is not really known. Just experiment.

    .........From Dave Peterson..........

    I put this formula in A1:
    ="xxx"& REPT(REPT("asdf ",25)&CHAR(10),58)&"yyy"

    And adjusted the columnwidth, rowheight and font size and I got about 7300
    characters to print ok.

    .........End Dave P.................

    Failing that, use a Text Box to store the text.

    Gord Dibben Excel MVP

    On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 10:57:03 -0800, sixtyseven67
    <sixtyseven67@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

    >Can I increase the # of characters that are visible in a cell?

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