I've been able to accomplish conditional formatting on a specific row, but i have about 250 rows that need the same formula and i would like to copy it down and it wont copy properly...Here are the steps to re-create.

1. In Cell A1 type the number 7
2. In Cell A2 type the number 50
3. In Cell A3 type the number 4
4. Click on Cell A1
6. Change to FORMULA IS and type: =A1=LARGE($A$1:$C$1,1)
7. Click FORMAT and change font to RED
8. Click OK
9. Click OK
10. Make sure you are in A1 and click on FORMAT PAINTER
11. "Paint" over B1 and C1

At this point you should see B1 change color to red. This is exactly how it should work. But, i have numbers 250 rows below A1 and want the same thing to happen for each row. I was hoping i could:

1. Click on A1 and choose FORMAT PAINTER
2. "Paint" from A1 to A250

When i do this and look at the formula in any of the A2 - A250 cells it has the following (using A24 as an example)


The first part (A24) increments properly, but the 2nd part of the formula stays as $A$1:$C$1,1 instead of changing to $A$24:$C$24,1

Any idea would be more than helpful!!! I don't want to have to go in to the 250 cells and change everything by hand...