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A cell that counts the number of times...

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    A cell that counts the number of times...


    I'm trying to create a formula for a cell on a worksheet that automatically counts the number of times a value (ANY VALUE) in a particular cell has been entered. Is this possible?

    SO basically,..if ANYTHING is entered into this one cell,..it triggers this other cell to count that as 1. It tells me that the cell was populated.

    I'm a newbie in Excel, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Try with this code:

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

    If Target.Column = 1 And Target.Row = 1 Then 'observed cell is (1,1) - A1

    Cells(1, 5) = Cells(1, 5).Value + 1 'Counter is in cell (1,5) - E1

    End If

    End Sub

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