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counting Multiple answers in 1 cell + column

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    help me i have an excel problem

    counting Multiple answers in 1 cell + column

    how do u count multiple values in the one cell and down the entire column?
    i want to count all magazines answers in column A1. i would like to get the
    answer (4) for magazines, (4) for tv, and (3) for radio. and it does not
    matter if the counting of the values, magazine,tv,radio, is answered in
    seperate cells. i tried the formula = COUNTIF(range, "value") but the
    formula doesnt not count the values if there are more than one value in the
    cell... see example below

    A1 A2
    1 magazines, tv, radio
    2 magazines
    3 tv, radio
    4 tv
    5 magazines, radio
    6 magazines, tv

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    You should use a wildcard, a *

    Your formula should look like this:
    =COUNTIF($B$1:$B$6,"=*magazines*") and the same for TV and radio.

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