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How do I make a formula refer to given data even if I do a sort f.

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    How do I make a formula refer to given data even if I do a sort f.

    I want to create a formula in a spreadsheet that refers to specific cells of
    data. However, I also want to be able to sort my data but keep the formula
    refering to the same information. IE, say I have a collumn of ten numbers.
    I would like to be able to have a formula take the average of the first 5
    listed. If I then did a sort function of these ten numbers that changes the
    order of the numbers, I want my formula to have the same result because it is
    still referencing the correct information.

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    One way would be to use a helper column...say column(B). In B1 put =A1 and copy down to B5 and then hide the column. Then use your formula to average column(B). Just make sure you select column(B) when you're sorting.

    Hope this helps!

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