I'm trying to copy a page from Excel to FrontPage for our church web site. It
will be the schedules for each service. I have created the excel doc on my
computer and saved it as a web page. The church web site is already published
on line created with FP2003 and running on a Windows/ASP server with Front
Page Extensions activated.

I am only somewhat knowledgeable with both Excel and Front Page and am just
volunteering to do this for my church, so I would really appreciate any help
you guys can give me. I pretty much need to be led through this stuff

So, here're my questions:

1. I will need to update the schedules every 2 months or so. Is there a way
to build that kind of updating into the Excel page?

2. Is it best to export from Excel or import from Front Page.

I'm sure as I continue to work with this I'll have many more questions.
Thanks for being patient.