I have a wierd problem with SUMPRODUCT. I have multiple tables that I am creating. Two of the tables have a series of rows with formulas using SUMPRODUCT to perform a multiple condition test on information on another worksheet inthe same book. Underneath each row is another row with percentages. It is all the exact same data in both tables, the only difference is that in one table the percentages compute down, in the other they compute across.

The data that is not in the percentage rows is exactly the same, or at least it SHOULD be, since I simply copied and pasted the first table to create the second. The issue is that in the second table, Excel decided to switch some of the numbers within two of the rows screwing up all the data. I tried copying and pasting onto another worksheet and it works fine. I quadruple checked the formulas and even re-copied and pasted within the table. When I paste I can see the data paste correctly, but then a split second later it does the switch and I cannot undo it.

Does anyone know why this happens, and do I have to just start all over? I can copy and paste the formula anywhere I want and it works, EXCEPT in the table I need it. Thanks for any information.