Had this problem with my PC at work last week and the solution chosen by my
company's Help Desk people was to uninstall and then reinstall the whole
Microsoft Office package of programs. And while that fixed my problem, I've
got to believe that there is just one single file that needs to be deleted
or somehow reinitialized. The problem was fixed last week with the
uninstall and reinstall, but popped up again this afternoon. Hope one of
you can help me with this.

Here's the problem ...

When I try to open an Excel spreadsheet or attach a file to an Outlook
message, the window that opens up showing the folders in my default
directory stops partway through the list. At this point, the program is
locked up, and all that can be done is to "End Task". For example, if my
folder list has folders A, B, C, and D, the list of available folders shows
the folder icon for A, B, and C, but only the folder names for A and B.

I don't remember if the folder that it stops on this week is the same one
that it was having problems with last week. I do know that the folder that
it stopped on last week was one that I haven't used for years and years.

The company uses Windows NT (4.0 I think) and Office 2000.

I have a single physical drive that has been divided into two logical
drives. The problem is with the E: drive. I have checked the two logical
drives and both are less than 50% of capacity, so don't think that is the
issue. At home I would run Norton Check Utilities to see if there are
issues, but the company doesn't use that. I would also do Speed Disk, but
they don't do that either, and defrag is so painfully slow that I didn't try
that either.

The Help Desk people checked for viruses and spyware and that wasn't a
problem last week. Also, I can't say that there is anything particular that
I was doing just before this started to be an issue -- just doing my normal
day-to-day job, working with various messages, spreadsheets, presentations
and the like.

I will tell you that there is no problem with Windows Explorer. I can use
that to get to the spreadsheet that I want, click on it, and it opens. Or,
I can browse to the spreadsheet that I want, right click, and mail the
spreadsheet as an attachment.

If you know the solution, I have given you too much information I am sure.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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