Greetings and thanks in advance.
I have written a workbook to chart American football. Each row represents one play in the game. I have 6 columns in which I input data (i.e. offensive formation, pass route, defensive alignment, etc.). There are an addition 215 columns that have formulas that "read" those 6 data columns. For example, if I put "Split Left" into the Formation Column (Column E), then column DA (titled "Split") will mark a 1 because it read column E in the same row. Also, column DB (titled "Left") will also record a 1 because it read "Left" in column E.

I also have a formula in column Z that determines whether the play in that row was successful. Thus Column Z will record either a 1 for a successful play or 0 for an unsuccful play.

At the end of the game it's obviously fairly easy to have a report that might indicate something like the following: "When the offense was in Split formation, they were successful on 62% of those plays compared to Pro Formation in which they were successful on just 38% of those plays.

Here's my stumbling block: What I would like to be able to do is have Excel create a different report such as: "The factor(s) that lead to the highest rate of success (according to Column Z) were __________" For example, perhaps the program would report that, based on reading column GY (which records whether the offense ran to the wide side of the field or the short side of the field), the factor that had the highest success rate was when the offense ran to the wide side-- 91% of the time when they ran wide they were successful.

Even better would be if the program could report on two or more factors (each factor is a column). For example, perhaps Excel could determine that when the offense ran to the wide side of the field AND they were in Split formation, they were successful 96% of the time.

I hope that this message is lengthy enough to be clear while not being tedious.
Also, should I be using Microsoft Access for this task? In addition to reports for individual games, I would like to have reports that combine each game for running season totals.
Thank you very much for the help.