I have Excel 2000 SP3 & Windows XP Home. When I go to Data | Get External
Data | Run Saved Query I can import data from an Access database into an
Excel worksheet. When I go to Data | Get External Data | New Database Query
after a delay a message appears to tell me that MS Query is not installed.
This is the message:

"Microsoft Excel
"Microsoft Query could not be started because it isn't installed. You can
install Query by running the installation program you "used to install
Office or Excel. The Query option is in the Office Tools category.

However MSQRY32.EXE is in the Office folder & I have reinstalled it by
renaming it to .old & running the Add/Remove facility in the Office
installer to no avail. I have also installed the complete set of Office
Tools without any change in the above-mentioned behaviour. I have run
Detect & Repair again with no change.

I have searched the MSKB & found an article at:
that refers to this problem but in Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition.
Nevertheless I have tried the resolutions from the article again to no
avail. When trying to start MS Query by double-clicking MSQRY32.EXE apart
from the display blinking MS Query does not open. Task Manager both in
applications & processes does not show that it is running.

It seems to me that as a Saved Query can be run that Query is installed &
that some other element that Excel, Query & Access need for a New Database
Query is either absent or not available.

Can anyone help with this difficulty please?