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Calculate % variance on previous quarters. Quarter %, etc. pivot

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    Calculate % variance on previous quarters. Quarter %, etc. pivot

    How do I calculate a % variance from the previous quarterly total and place
    the % variance next to that particular quarter?

    Column qtr1 % qtr2 % qtr3 % qtr4 % Total$
    item1 50 ?? 75 ?? 100 ?? 125 ??

    Example: what is the % variance from qtr1 and qtr2? The variance per cent
    will go into the column format betwenn qtr1 and qtr2. Designated as ??.

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    The best way to calculate qtr over qtr performance is the following.

    X = Previous Qtr Revenue
    Y = New Quarters Revenue

    The formula is:


    So in your example for Q1 to Q2 revenue would be:

    =(75-50)/50 = 50%

    So the increase Qtr over Qtr was 50% You always devide (the difference from the new quarter to the old quarter) from the old quarter becuase that is the % you are looking for the delta from.



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