Hi, I am a novice self taught excel user, not yet delving into the world of
I have a problem with a workbook that I have not been able to find the
answer to in the forums yet. If someone could assist I would be grateful.

The situation is as follows;

I have a workbook consisting of 7 worksheets,
1st worksheet is an instructions only page for the other people who will be
using the spreadsheeta nd is therefore irrelevant in this problem.

The next 5 worksheets are the same layout and consist of 10 questions on
each sheet. The questions are in rows 16 through 25, in column 2. to answer
the question columns C & D have combo boxes in them. These combo boxes
provide a numerical value (1-6) in same row at column F & G. The two figures
in F & G are then multiplied to give a figure in column H. Column E = a word
based on the figure supplied in column H.

The final page is where I have the issue.

What I want to be able to do is to copy the question cell (column B) and the
answer cell (column E) in worksheets 2-6 based on the value in column H. So
that if the value in column H is 25 or higher, then that question and answer
will show in relevant cells on worksheet 7.

Confusing I know. But I need to automate this in excel (I know it would
probably be easier in access but not all sections of my organisation have
that program) so that the user only has to answer the question and print the

Thanks in advance