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Referencing a formula

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    Question Referencing a formula

    I am having problems working out how to reference an entire formula from another cell so that it doesnít just bring in the calculated value.

    e.g. I want it so that when I make a change to one formula it will update the formulas in all the other workbooks, without me having to copy and paste it


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    Dave O

    Re: Referencing a formula

    How about the OFFSET() function, using cell references in the

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    Not too sure if this will do what I require, apologies I probably didnít explain myself well.

    What im aiming to create is a master sheet with all my formulas on.

    I then will set up separate workbooks which will pull in the formulas from the master sheet and not just the values. e.g. pull in =G$5+Input!A4 and not just the answer e.g. 5. (input relates to a worksheet containing lookup tables)

    This will mean if I need to amend the formula to say A5 instead of A4 I can just update the formula in one place saving me having to copy and paste the new formula into each spreadsheet.

    (To be honest im not even too sure if thats possible in excel.)
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