thanks Max but not quite what I'm after

I'll try and make it more understandable and very specific, this relates to
my previous question "for the experts"

on sheet 1 I have text entered in column B2:B9 Group A, B10:B19 Group B,
C2:C9 Group A, C10:C19 Group B, D2:D9 Group A, D10:D19 Group B and so on and
so on not all cells will have text neccessarly in them each column refers to
the day of the week
the text within any cell grouping refers to the time, where, event and who

So on sheet 2

I've already entered on sheet 2 this info under column headings
"Date", "Time" & "Location" and filled in below each header the known text,
what I need off of sheet 1 and filled in under the following headings is
"Group" "Visitor" "Event" "Home"

"Group" is taken from the range of Cells within the column and filled in as
"A" or "B", B2:B9 is group A as is each column using rows 2:9 and rows
10:19 are group "B"
"Visitor" is taken from the letter "G" within the text and the number or
alpha number that is right after the letter "G" is entered into the cell
"Event" is taken from the letters "G", "H" or "P",within the text and if a
"P" enter "P" in cell and if the letters "G" or "H" then enter "@" in cell
"Home" is taken from the letter "H" within the text and the number or alpha
number right after the "H" is entered into the cell
Note when the Event is "P" the lower of the 2 alpha/numbers is placed under
"Visitors" and the higher is placed under "Home"

as to how to corelate the time and location this too is extracted from the
text entered within the cell, and is already filled in on sheet 2 but needs
to be lined up with the text from sheet 1

"Time" = the following 7A = 7:00am, 73A = 7:30am, 8A = 8:00am, 9A = 9:00am,
10 = 10:00am, 11 = 11:00am, 113 = 11:30am, 12 = 12:00pm, 123 = 12:30pm, 1 =
1:00pm, 13 = 1:30pm, 2 = 2:00pm, 23 = 2:30pm, 3 = 3pm, 4 = 4:00pm, 43 =
4:30pm, 5 = 5:00pm, 53 = 5:30pm, 6 = 6:00pm, 63 = 6:30pm, 7 = 7:00pm, 7:30 =
7:30pm, 8 = 8:00pm, 83 = 8:30pm, 9 = 9:00pm, 93 = 9:30pm, 10 = 10:00pm & 103
= 10:30pm note the 10 shows up twice but on Sat's. & Sun's they are am's
and thru the week they are pm's

the alpha character at the end of the entered text refer's to location being
one of 5 locations "no alpha character" =/refers to location A," B" =/refers
to location B, "N" =/refers to location C, "O" =/refers to location D and "R"
=/refers to location E

so if the following text is enter in cells B2 83H2 and 83G1 in cell B3
and 73AP4B in cell C12 and 73AP3B C13 on sheet 1 the following would show
up on sheet 2, note that date and time are already filled in on sheet 2

"Date" "Time" "Location" "Group" "Visitor" "Event" "Home"
today 8:30pm A A 2 @
tomorrow 7:30am B B 3 P

the complete range of available "dates", "times" and "locations" are
prefilled in on sheet 2 it is the remaining four columns that need to be
filled in from info from sheet 1

the range of entered text in any cell within a column on sheet 1 is such
xPy up to xxxPyyz, or xGy up to xxxGyyz, or xHy up to xxxHyyz. x = time see
abv time breakdown, y = team number can be anything from 1 to 20 or N1 to N3
or O1 to O3, z = blank or a B, N, O or R. there is never more than 2
duplicate time entries per column

hope this is clear anything that can be doen to automate this manaul
process of looking on sheet 1 and then inputting it on sheet 2 would be
greatly appreciated thanks Herman