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newbie needs help with data storage

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    newbie needs help with data storage

    Hi, i have a problem which i am sure you can help me with.. i have written a spreadsheet which decides which horses to bet on in a race. one minute before the race a set of data is imported into the sheet and one two or more horses are picked. then one minute before the next race usually ten minutes later a new set of data is imported and the process begins again deleting all the info from the last race and replacing it with the new . now what i want to be able to do is store the name of the horse which appears in say cell a1 or a2 or a3 from the first race in order to use it to establish the stake for the next race.

    in other words i want to be able to save the data from a cell that is constantly changing and maybe put it into a list which i can then use to change other cells. and all this has top be performed without interaction from me, any suggestions? thanks in advance
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