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Excel File Linked in Access

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    Excel File Linked in Access

    I have an Excel file that is linked in Access.
    Access then has a query built on this linked table.
    I have another Excel file (a pivot table) that is linked to the Access query that multiple users can open to view details of the query, with the ability to drill down to the record level.

    However, I can not overwrite Excel file 1 if users have Excel file 2 open. Are there security options I can change somewhere to get this to work? I tried to change the permissions to only allow write access to the database for Admin (myself), but it still doesn't work if the Excel file is open as it is locking the table.

    I am hoping a complete re-work of this is not needed.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    If any file on a SERVER is OPEN - only the "Owner" of the Server or your department which manages your servers will be able to "break a link" which will then allow you to overwrite the file (i.e. all OPEN Connections have to be "CLOSED" to be able to update the file). There are Scripts which can be written which allow you to "VIEW" and "BREAK" any links the users have OPEN. In our Company - I have a "FAVORITES" in my Internet Explorer (IE5.X) which allows me to do this. The admin group only allows me to do this on the part of the server which I have been designated as the "OWNER." But without that Script, I cannot "beak a link."
    www.microsoft.com has some information on your subject - just enter "break file locks.
    NOTE: - Our ICS group doesn't allow me to see the code.
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