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Setting Up Sums

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    Hank Laskin

    Setting Up Sums

    I am new at EXCEL.
    I am attempting to setup two columns.
    First column I want to enter amount of an item purchased
    Second column I want to start with a balance and as I enter amounts
    purchased in the first column I would like the balance column to reduce as I
    progressively enter amounts in the first column.

    As an example:
    Amount Column& first entry $5.00
    Balance Column Starting Balance $250.00
    After I insert the $5.00, I would like the second column under the $250 to
    show $245

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

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    Re: Setting Up Sums

    Assume your opening balance amount is in cell B2, and you enter the
    first payment in cell A3. Enter this formula in cell B3:


    Format the cell as currency with 0 decimal places, then copy down. As
    there is nothing in the cells in column A then nothing will show in
    column B, but as soon as you put an entry in A4, then B4 will show.

    Hope this helps.


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