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Insert dates! I cant do it now!

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    Insert dates! I cant do it now!

    Thanks for the response.
    What I need to do, is declare each level (S1, S2, S3….etc) to their encounter (the last worksheet)

    S1 1-2-3-4
    S2 5-6-7-8
    S3 9-10-11-12
    W1 13-14-15-16
    W2 17-18-19-20
    W3 21-22-23-24
    UPW1 25-26-27-28
    UPW2 29-30-31-32
    UPW3 33-34-35-36
    T1 37-38-39-40
    T2 41-42-43-44
    T3 45-46-47-48
    MS1 49-50-51-52
    MS2 53-54-55-56
    MS3 57-58-59-60
    M1 61-62-63-64
    M2 65-66-67-68

    The idea is that when the teachers insert the start level in the first worksheet “Contracts” in cells “start level and end level” (G2 and H2), some how highlight or depict the encounters that correspond.(levels can start and end in any ascending order)
    The biggest problem is that I need the teachers to be able to write the date of the “encounter” (test) so I can further calculate how they are doing with time and I got the are to be highlighted, but now I cant insert the dates!!!.
    I need to insert the dates so I may analyse the how the students are in comparison with dates and time.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch!!
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