I have a Workbook that contains a list of Names and Addresses, I have already written a macro that when actioned takes the details from a selected record (user defined) exports to a linked Word document and prints it (thanks to all who helped me with that).

The next stage is to print address labels......

Currently the labels I use are the classic A4 3 x 4 self adhesive type but I dont know how to either "save up" the details so I dont use a complete sheet everytime I print, or how to get it to recognise if a "cc" cell in the worksheet is active and therefore has to print an additional label for that record.

To summarise I want to....

1. "Save up" multiple addresses and once I either have 12 automatically print or when the user actives a "trigger" print however many there are to date.
2. Print duplicate labels (c/w different names) when a record has multiple names in certain cells of it.

I am currently thinking of doing all the above in a worksheet rather than trying to link across to Word, but any ideas or input would be very welcome.