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Delay in Opening Excel files with Macros

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    Delay in Opening Excel files with Macros

    Dear all,

    I have created an Excel file with Macros. If I try to oopen that particular file it takes atleast 60 seconds to open. i.e 60 seconds delay. If try to open other excel files delay is not there. Kindly message me the solution to this problem if any one of u know.

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    Re: Delay in Opening Excel files with Macros

    Check whether your workbook have links with another workbook or with
    dynamic web pages.
    Check the size of the file and it s location.It may take time if the
    computer is located in a network drive.
    See whether any macro is written for the workbook open event.
    Try to open the file in an another computer or open it again.
    If all the above fails,reply back

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